Design your own handball tactics board

Create your own individual tactic board with logo, name and slogan in personal contact with our designer.

Magnets & pens included

Champions League quality

Handmade in Germany


1. then click on product overview.

2. select the size of your board and enter your desired colors for the magnets and, if necessary, further information for us in the text field. Order your board.

3. after your order you will receive an order confirmation with a link to an order form. Here you can enter your initial design ideas. Our designer will send you the first draft of your design.

4. we develop your board design with you. Name, logos, sponsors, slogans, bottoms, colors ... Everything is possible on both sides of your board. Your right of withdrawal only expires when you approve production and your customized myTACTICS Tacticboard goes into production.

5. lean back. Anticipation. After 10-14 days your myTACTICS tactic board will be with you.

Your advantages with myTACTICS

100% design freedom.

Your tactics. Your board. We want to realize everything exactly as you imagine it. There are virtually no limits for our creative designers.

No risk.

We are only satisfied when you are. Therefore: You can cancel your board order free of charge until it is released for production.

Handmade in Germany.

Every myTACTICS board - including yours - is truly unique. Made by hand in Baden-Württemberg. You will love it. Stealing it from you is pointless.

Attractive discounts.

We offer a discount of up to 20% for collective orders of a standardized basic design. Names etc. can still be individualized.

Professional quality.

myTACTIC boards are used by professional coaches in over 14 sports and are used in the Champions League and at World Cups.

Fast delivery.

Personal support. Completely individualized. That usually takes time. Our goal: Your myTACTICS board should be with you in 14 days.

Individualize emotional team communication with your myTACTICS handball tactics board

Professional quality: myTACTICS tactic boards have been used by many top-level coaches of the LIQUI MOLY HBL, the strongest handball league in the world, since 2020

Handball is awesome! In every game - regardless of the level - it's not just about athleticism and technique. Tactics also play a very important role. At myTACTICS, we offer coaches of all levels THE ideal coaching tool to take their work with their handball players to the next level. Our motto is our program: "Your tactics. Your board." We are coaches ourselves and know that it's not just about the simple need to have an adequate explanatory aid when communicating with fellow coaches or the team. We have the handball board with us six days a week and use it when studying videos, in one-to-one meetings on the team bus or in the hall, during video meetings with the team or when working out new ideas with the coaching team. Our handball tactic boards accompany us and are there for us - even if it wasn't enough to win. The handball tactic board is the coaching tool par excellence and is therefore more than just an everyday item. Your handball board should be just as individual and special as you and your tactics. To do this, simply go to the product overview and get an overview of the customizable handball tactics board. Choose, for example, the tactics board size M and select your desired colors for the magnets of the teams and the ball. Being able to design your own handball tactics board means that you can choose between different basic designs and customize them with your desired colors and patterns. Our creative designer will place text elements such as your name, team motto or similar with you. Simply tell us which lettering, slogans or club names of your handball club should be on the tactic board and where. A hashtag next to the pitch? Your team motto on the players' bench? You decide! Logos, crests or other motifs can be easily integrated exactly where you want them. When sending graphics, you should make sure that the motif has the highest possible resolution. This will enable us to achieve the best possible print result later on. It has never been easier to customize your handball tactic board according to your wishes. Just give it a try!

Customize a handball tactics board a little. Others have come up with this idea before us. A few providers have been offering semi-automated boards for years. However, the actual degree of customization, the variety and the quality were far from sufficient for us, so in 2018 we said "We'll just make our own board now". And that's how it all began. Of course, it wasn't easy - it probably never will be if it's going to be really good. But after a certain period of development, we were really satisfied, fell in love with the myTACTICS tactics boards and are now very proud of every single individual tactics board that is used by fellow coaches in a sport. Whether in the water polo Champions League, by the coaches of the European men's and women's beach handball champions, in the German handball league, by national futsal coaches or - most valuable of all - by the many coaches involved in youth sports. We are working on a configurator this year to give you the opportunity to create your board design without any support. In any case, our experienced creative designer will check and, if necessary, advise you before the production order is placed. We are happy to make the effort because we want your myTACTICS tactic board to be more than just a coaching tool for you. That's why we always look after our customers personally, even if it takes a little longer. We do not use chat robots or only partial and automated customization. Everything is possible and we take our time until you are satisfied. And then? That's when the manual work really begins. Your handball board is manufactured in Baden-Württemberg. Your design comes as an adhesive film from our print shop and we apply it by hand to the base plate of the board. The edge protection is also applied and glued by hand. Your board is finished and ready for dispatch. As a rule, you will have it in your hands 10-14 days after your production approval. This customized product contains all our passion for sport in general and for coaches in particular. We wish you lots of fun and success with your myTACTICS handball tactics board.

The new season is just around the corner and your team needs new equipment again? We offer a range of customizable tactic boards for every age and playing level. Design your handball tactic board for children's, youth, women's and men's teams. At myTACTICS, you don't buy off-the-peg items, but can design your handball tactic board yourself. With the help of our Creative Designer, you can not only design your own individual tactics board, but also be inspired by a huge range of design templates and customer examples. The handball tactics board in your club colors creates identification for you and your players. In addition to tactic boards in various sizes, the myTACTICS product portfolio also includes coaching accessories such as the customizable soft case in the corresponding board sizes or the note clip for coaches who want to attach notes to the tactic board. There are also customizable magnets with your team's tactic numbers or faces. We are sure that we can find the perfect solution for your club with this selection. Our aim is to bring visual variety to the sometimes gray everyday life of sports. In our opinion, repetitive and repetitive coaching tools are no longer up to date. Is your club really just one of many or something special? One thing is for sure with the design of individual handball tactic boards from myTACTICS - your coaches and teams will stand out from the crowd. This also applies to sponsors, which you can of course integrate into your design. The handball tactics board thus becomes a sponsoring tool and generates revenue. Last but not least, a personalized handball tactic board from myTACTICS is a great gift and a wonderful token of appreciation, especially for coaches in sports clubs who often work on a voluntary basis. And if you want to give a farewell gift without knowing which club will be next, without the time to order a handball board or with the wish to simply include the design option as a gift? No problem. With the myTACTICS online gift card, you can give the perfect gift for coaches in just a few minutes.

Every club manager who has ever had to order coaching equipment for the coming season knows the procedure. The season is getting closer and closer and the coaching equipment is a long time coming. Although you can design the handball tactics board yourself, you will usually receive it within 10-14 days. myTACTICS is the provider on the market with 100% design freedom. Even if we succeed in developing a configurator, we will not give up this USP again. Every customer should get exactly the handball tactics board he or she wants. Each of our handball tactic boards is unique and is produced especially for you. We cannot say whether there are tactic boards from individual production in comparable quality. We haven't found one yet. At myTACTICS, you can design your own tactics board, whereas you buy a standard item from a sports retailer. Without passion and emotional attachment. Our product, on the other hand, stands for passionate team communication and serves as an emotional advertising space. It is robust, high-quality and handmade in Germany. You can continue to develop your design and pass it on. myTACTICS offers attractive discounts for collective orders for entire coaching teams. All coaches in your club or association work with the same basic design. This creates maximum identification within the club. Nevertheless, each coach has his or her own name and an individual team motto on the tactics board that he or she uses. Individual and personal. Your tactics. Your board. With intensive use, for example in the professional handball sector, we assume a good usability of at least 2 years. We currently see many tactic boards in various sports and performance classes that have been providing the best service for over four years, have become a real companion for coaches and are still in top condition. A set of standard magnets in the usual number of players depending on the sport is included with every tactic board order. What colors should your board have? Which magnets?