Our vision

We bring color, creativity and personality into the gray everyday life of sporting goods. What is already standard in professional sport should now be possible for all of us!

Sport is individuality

Sport means so much more than just exercise. It connects people, welds them together as a unit and allows them to achieve things they never thought possible. Sport is an expression of one's own personality, the team is like a second family.

Sport coaching tools are not

As multifaceted as the sport is, the coaches' equipment and tools are unfortunately not. In team sports in particular, there is usually a gray uniformity. Individuality falls by the wayside. Reason enough to ask ourselves why this is the case. Why can't what has long been taken for granted in professional sport become standard for every athlete?

We make sure that they do

Suppliers of self-designed, high-quality sports coching tools are few and far between. Once you have identified them, you are usually confronted with high prices, minimum purchase quantities, complicated design processes and long delivery times. With myTACTICS, we solve these problems and finally bring fun and individuality to sports coaching.

Your tactics board. As individual as you are.

Your Takitk. Your board. We believe in coaching as a passionate craft. In the individuality of athletes and all coaches. Our unique products are designed to support didactics and reinforce emotions. We love sport and are proud of every single myTACTICS tactics board. The feedback from our users is a huge motivation. From athletes for athletes.