myTACTICS Re-Board Service


myTACTICS Re-Board Service

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You already have a myTACICS board and for some reason you want a new one...

  • because your old one is worn out and destroyed by intensive use
  • because you have changed clubs and can no longer use the old design
  • because you no longer like your old board

You can then either order a new board or use our re-board service. How does it work? It's simple: you send us your old board and we'll cover it with a new one. We will continue to use the base plate and the edge protection, only the print will be replaced.

The only requirement is that the base plate of your board is undamaged. Boards that are bent or broken are excluded from our re-board service. Are you unsure? Then send us photos or a video via WhatsApp and we will (if possible) give you our binding confirmation before shipping.

PS: The return of the board to be reboarded is at your expense.

The board just arrived! MEGA!!! Thank you very, very much. Now I'm at least as excited about the new round as my boys. :-)

Eric M. / Handball coach