Magnets numbered or individualized


Magnets numbered or individualized

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  • All magnet colors are possible with numbered magnets
  • Magnet size: Diameter 16mm (M boards) or 20mm (L or XL boards)
  • Numbers/position designations are possible
  • Printing technique: Digital printing

Price for numbered magnets: EUR 1.00 (M) / EUR 1.50 (L/XL) per magnet

Minimum order quantity 10 pieces

Individualized with pictures:

  • Magnet size: Diameter 20mm (suitable for L or XL boards)
  • Customized magnets are printed on a white background (plastic coating in white)
  • Digital print with different motifs per magnet
  • Photos, numbers, texts, logos, etc. are possible.

Price for magnets with photos of players: EUR 3.50 per magnet

Minimum order quantity 10 pieces

The board just arrived! MEGA!!! Thank you very, very much. Now I'm at least as excited about the new round as my boys. :-)

Eric M. / Handball coach