Taktiktafel individuell gestaltet von und mit Bob Hanning

Tactic board individually designed by and with Bob Hanning

Tactics board individually designed by and with Bob Hanning

Both with his team in the 2nd Handball Bundesliga, the 1. VfL Potsdamas well as at the top club and current Final 4 participant in the European League, the Füchse Berlinuses Bob Hanningone of the most dazzling personalities in handball, uses his new and - in our opinion - very stylish tactics boards in his individual club design. We proudly welcome all Adler and Füchse to the myTACTICS family.

Taktiktafel Bob Hanning
Bob Hanning with his boards in the Eagles and Foxes design

And Bob Hanning wouldn't be Bob Hanning if he didn't have a clever tactic at the ready. You can find his match plan for the next Bundesliga game, why he feels like it's Christmas and lots of other interesting content on Bob's Instagram channel.